Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Presentation Is Everything


All salons offer visitor's a hair styling service but what separates one salon / stylist from others is how you “present it”. It’s not enough to say your salon offers the latest trendy hair style cuts and color effects. To point out our styling approach and its benefits to make each persons salon visit a "personal hair styling experience" we've designed a printed brochure.  It begins with a "mission statement " that describes our concept and the steps we take. Its more then a haircut, its a hair styling experience.

Your hair is cut and shaped to look balanced from all points of view, holds its shape as it grows and can styles itself. To develop the ideal shape and length we look at what your hair type does best and design a style that complements your hair type, face shape and unique features. You’ll save time and always look your best even when you don’t have time to style it. Simply comb and go or a quick blow dry or curl set for a dressy look is all it takes.  Our approach is perfect for both men and women and today’s fast paced active healthy life styles.


To discover and develop the ideal look for your hair, face shape and features we begin with a personal style consultation to discus your styling desire and past experiences. We start by pointing out that everyone is born with a natural hair style that suits them perfectly. And often all it takes are a few well place snips, hair care and styling tricks or a splash color for a shape and style that's both functional and ecstatically attractive from all points of view.


Clean shiny hair is the foundation and key to a stylish healthy looking hair style. To prepare your hair for styling and relax tense scalp muscles you’re given our exclusive "Collagen Protein" Shampoo and Conditioning steam towel and scalp massage treatment with recommendations for home care and styling.

After this relaxing rejuvenating experience your hair is cut, shaped and styled while you watch the progress and given directions for home care and styling. We’ve found that it takes three visits to fully develop the ideal length, shape, styles or color as it grows. To help us develop your personal style we recommend that you return for a few adjustments within 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Studio Stylist’s will help you “discover and develop the perfect new style or update your current style and hair color. We’ve been helping the entertainment industry and Toluca Lake residents look great for years…Now Its Your Turn.