Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Interview with George Caroll

George Caroll is an internationally acclaimed Hollywood hairstylist, salon owner, award winning beauty product designer, industry consultant, beauty columnist, Screen Actors Guild member and this months Salon Galaxy Star Interview. Throughout his career, George has been on the leading edge of our beauty profession, introducing (Unisex Salon and hair styles, salon protein hair care products and retailing, thermal hair styling tools and salon computer programs). His salon web site featuring Hollywood hair styling beauty secrets was one of the early salon web sites on the internet. When not globe trotting to promote "American Beauty Culture" George can be found at his hair styling studio in Toluca Lake, just minutes from Universal and Warner Brothers Studio's and here at SalonGalaxy.Com.

What made you choose Cosmetology as a career?

The year was 1960 when at the time I was attending art school at night and working as design assistant in the art department at General Dynamics Astronautics. A close high school friend was teaching hairdressing at a beauty college in North Hollywood and suggest I look into hair styling as a career. The minute I walked into the school I knew this was for me as it complemented my artistic background. I've always looked at (hair cutting-shaping-styling-coloring) as a "living art form". 

Who influenced your career?
My beauty school instructor suggested I find the best stylist in the city to train under when I received my license. So I applied for a training position with George Master at Sax Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. George was the legendary Hollywood hair stylist responsible for Marilyn Monroe's makeup, hair color and sexy hair styles. I also studied the art of men's hair cutting and blow dry styling from Jay Seebring, the barber stylist to the stars and creator of the "Dry Look" for men. Over the following 10 years I practiced at several up-scale salon and eventually opened my own salon in " the heart of the entertainment industry" Toluca Lake. Throughout my career I've been influenced by many creative beauty industry artists from Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, Bill Peplow and countless other's from around the world. We all stand on one another's shoulders that's how each of us and our noble profession evolves.


Having a salon in Hollywood what stars have you done your magic on?
With a salon located around the corner from Warner brothers and universal studio's I've had the opportunity to work with producers, directors and helped many actors and actresses with their appearance. Many are featured on my salon web site (Movie Stars Hair Styling Beauty Secrets) with styling tips and giggles. http://www.georgecaroll.com

What can you share with us about operating a salon?
What separates one salon or stylist from another besides price point is "how its presented". Hair styles come in and out of fashion. In order to say in business you must keep up with the latest style trends but you must also remember that not everyone is a Fashionista. Never forget that each person is unique and so is their hair. Make every visit to your salon a unique personal hair styling experience. Presentation Is Everything. See more about this here http://www.georgecaroll.blogspot.com/2012/10/presentation-is-everything.html

What are the major changes in the profession you've seen over your career?
I would say "Unisex" hair salons and hair styles, blow dry hair cut styles, thermal controlled hair styling tools, professional hair care products and salon retailing, advanced hair color technology and salon computer business programs. Perhaps the most outstanding change has been the birth of the Internet and Salon Web Site and professional social network sites like www.salongalaxy.com . The Internet has made it possible to promote your business locally and share styling technique with like minded beauty professional around the world.

What are the achievements you're most proud of?

Starting my own salon in the heart of the entertainment industry. Designing the " Hair Styles with Pointed Sideburns " for the male crewmembers of Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek television series. Heading up the first every National Style-A-Thon for the Danny Thomas St Jude's Children’s Research Hospital. Together with hair stylist's across America we raised over a million dollars to help fight children's cancer. In the early seventy's I started a company called Hair Research X using a microscope with a Polaroid camera to explore, design and test protein enriched hair care and styling products. Introduced Unisex hair style cuts and thermal styling tools. Designed a three-in-one adjustable Styling Brush. Its the "world's most versatile hair brush" for shaping , finishing and blow dry styling.

Where do you draw your inspiration for styling from?
For years I was inspired only by what was popular and trendy. Now I get my inspiration from Mother Natures Hair Styles. I've discovered that with “few exceptions” everyone is all born with a type of hair that suits them perfectly as “Mother Nature” intended. All it takes is a few well placed snips to unlock its natural beauty for look and style that holds its shape as it grows, is balanced from all points of view (front, back and profile) and for the most part “styles itself”. With a few adjustments (trims) as it grows you can easily find the idea length and shape for a “one of a kind” personal hair style with a kind of timelessness

What is the best professional advice you've been given?
My beauty school teacher told me to always remain a student of the art because as you rise in levels of achievement, it's easy to grow more presumptuous in terms of a feeling that you deserve accolades. It becomes easy to grow smug, thinking, "I've achieved this long term life goal" and I'm done learning. You will start to think ... when will everyone realize that I'm the master of sweeping the floor? However, if you maintain the attitude of a student of the art, you will know that you'll never achieve the perfect 'floor sweeping". There will always be room for improvement and something to shoot for everyday. Its what you learn after you think you know it all that will keep your professional life interesting and enjoyable.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside the salon? Creative Photo Art has been a life long avocation and many of my photo-art images are posted here in the Salon Galaxy Art Gallery. I also like to share my professional styling techniques and experience with students by donating time to local beauty schools and writing beauty blogs and columns for my web site and here on Salon Galaxy. Stop by the Galaxy Art Gallery and post your art work. http://www.salongalaxy.com/group/43/