Friday, January 15, 2016

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Trending Now
The classic men's short hair style with full top and close tapered sides, neckline made popular in the 1920's and 50's is making a come back with a version for women as well.
To Get The Look
The sides and back are clipper cut with a number 1 grade comb. You can also consider opting for a skin fade (no grade comb on the clippers) starting at the base of the haircut.
The hair is clipper cut really high into the curve of the head, while keeping more length through the top section. This can be worn connected into the crown or completely disconnected, allowing the hair to hang below the crown area. This is a popular look for women... (think Undercut hairstyles).
If you have a round face then taking the sides "tighter-closer" and allowing more volume on top will help elongate a round face shape. If the face is narrow adding fullness through the sides with the top combed closer to your head adds width.
Let's Style It
There are a quite few styling options available and looks good styled in a number of different ways. To create a nice crisp finish with shine, apply a wet pomade (for medium shine and hold) or stronger grooming / styling cream (for a stronger shine and hold) to towel dried hair. Alternatively, you could try slicking the hair back while it’s still wet with Pomade.
When working with high shine styling products like styling cream, it’s important you start off with a small amount and work it into the sides of the hair – you can always add more if required. This approach will help avoid making the hair appear too greasy or over styled.
To create volume, use Gel Mouse and  blow drying the hair – using your fingers or styling brush to shape the style and then add a FX Gel Paste to the root for hidden style support
If required, you can apply another  styling aid on top to create texture, whether it’s for a wet or dry look. To keep your style in shape, apply firm hold hairspray – especially if the top has been left with extra some length.
The Mens Hawk Top and Women Undercut
This creative and versatile hairstyles are set to become more popular throughout 2016 with the younger generation. Best of all, both the Undercut and Hawk Top are extremely high maintenance style cut. In order to keep the style cut your clients must have it reshaped ever 3-4 weeks to keep it up.

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