Friday, March 16, 2018

Rod Stewart / Sexy Rock Star Hair Style

Drawing inspiration from the hair style of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national past time. One such star whose hair style has been emulated by men around the globe is world class rock star.
Rod Stewart. His tousled spiky bleached blonde style set the trend for men's hair styles throughout the 80’s and is just as popular today. Rod’s sexy spiky hair color/style and rock star persona is irresistible to girls attracted to the wild side and quite the catch for those that go for the sensitive, creative types.

TO GET THE LOOK: If you’re looking for a sexy rocker hair style take a styling lesson from Rod Stewart. With years of practice Rod knows just what it takes to standout from the crowd. His rock solid style is loaded with “sex appeal” and guarantied to stop the ladies dead in their tracks. If you’re up for a rock star hair style, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

LET’S SHAPE IT: To get the look, start with a semi-spiky contoured silhouette with tapered hair stylishly over the ears and collar with a few “love locks” across the forehead to fill in the blank spots. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows your stylist can easily find the ideal length and shape for your style.

LET’S STYLE IT: To jump start the style a dab of Hair Flex shaping gel or Gel Mousse adds style support and thickens to thin hair. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural, or give it a quick once over with a blow dryer and styling brush for a full tousled look. To turn on the sexy appeal, when dry, add the spiky or textured look with Hair Flex Special Effects Styling Spray or finger comb a dab of gel-mousse through the top and you’ve got the look. 

NOW LET’S COLOR IT: Entertainer’s and actors change their hair color often for the many roles they play so coloring it is no big deal. If you have light or medium brown hair that's gray around the edge like Rod’s a golden blond “high-lift tint” will put the gray hair stylishly under cover. After, a few strands are bleached and highlighted with a foil weaving or cap technique for a contrasting au natural sun kissed effect. 

The blond color will also make large facial features appear smaller and give thin and thinning hair an overall thicker look and style support. To keep it up the new growth is re-colored every six-eight weeks. This bit of hair color magic requires a trip to a “salon hair colorist” and will set you back a few extra bucks but is well worth the time and expense for a sexy-stylish look and all the attention you’ll get.

This road tested rock star style is loaded with sex appeal and comes with all the bell and whistles to stop women dead in their tracks. The tousled spiky contoured shape with a few love locks dancing across your forehead covers the hair line and fills in the blank spots. Your sun kissed color adds a youthful look and texture tousled style lets everyone know you’re a stylish dude. So be prepared to take email addresses and cell phone numbers when you show up with Rod Stewart’s sexy rock star style. 

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