Thursday, April 20, 2017

Beauty Innovations from Korea

With growing frequency, innovative beauty products are originating in South Korea and making their way to Western markets. 

For example, BB creams, brightening products, skin care masks and skin care oils can all trace their popularity back to Asian origins. Innovative ingredients such as starfish extract and product applicators are being developed in South Korea before exploding in popularity around the world. In fact, South Korea has emerged as Asia’s trendsetter in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries, supplanting Japan as the primary source of Asian cool.

South Korea is becoming a hotbed of beauty innovations and has been called the New France of Skin Care products. For example, while most beauty products use distilled, pure water as a base, South Korean beauty labs have been able to use cutting-edge solutions like tree sap or thermal water as the base. 

In addition, some of the unique ingredients being used by Korean brands boast anti-aging, firming, hydrating or blemish-healing properties, and those ingredients include snail extract, starfish extract, herbs indigenous to the Asian region, like yeast extracts, fruit stem cells and unique floral extracts. 

One example is the rare Korean botanical Camellia flower. Hand selected Camellia seeds are taken through a 9x extracting process to produce the pure Camellia Oil Serum. The result, is a 100% pure Camellia Oil Serum with endless benefits for the hair, face and body.

Furthermore, South Korean beauty labs are famous for some of the most advanced beauty applicators. Notable inclusions are products that are twisted out of containers, cushion compacts that stay constantly moist and bacteria-free, ergonomic grips on eyeliners, lipsticks that apply with clean spatula-like devices, and vibrating puffs to help skin absorb makeup and skin care products. 

The Latest innovation is a Eco-Friendly water saving Shower Head Nozzle with a built-in Ceramic bead filler that removes the Chlorine and dispenses a micro-mist Collagen Protein that strengthens the hair and and hydrates the entire body.

As South Korean beauty R&D labs continue to innovate expect to see more Asian beauty brands popping up stateside.