Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Hair Style / Ellen Degeneres

Drawing inspiration from the hair styles of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One of the most popular star hair styles is America's quintessential entertainer Ellen DeGeneres. Perhaps more then any Hollywood actress, Ellen has always made a point of wearing a versatile hair style for her time challenged life style. Ellen's trademark Easy Breezy tousled style and buttery blonde hair color gives this Cover Girl a youthful stylish look in a grown up way.

TO GET THE LOOK: Are you looking for a shapely new hair style for your active "time challenged" lifestyle? If that's the case take a hair styling lesson from Ellen DeGeneres and watch heads turn when you show up looking "ooh-so stylish" and years younger. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a custom style cut and shaping.

LET’S SHAPE IT: To get the look, the style cut starts with a contoured silhouette and brow brushing or picky bangs and fringy collar length neckline. Say so long to bad hair days, this "wind blown" do' looks amazing from all points of view and almost styles itself. With a few adjustments (trims) as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your new perky style.

LET’S STYLE IT: For style support start with a dab of mousse or shaping gel or nothing at all. Comb either through damp hair to dry au natural for "get-dressed-in-a-dash" sort of way. Or give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer for a fluffy do'. After, add textured effects and turn up the shine with a  touchable soft to the touch finishing spray and your almost there.

NOW, LET’S COLOR IT: If your hair has lost its luster and is beginning to gray around the edges give it a natural sun kissed look with a Buttery blonde tint for dimension and body. After, a clear glaze seals-in the color and turn up the shine. To keep it up, the new growth is tinted every four to six weeks. This extra step may cost a few dollars but it’s a small price to pay for a youthful look and all the attention you’ll get.

LET’S ADD MAKEUP: What’s a star hair style without makeup and accessories? Ellen knows first-hand from her daily sessions in the makeup chair that many foundations can actually make you look overly made up and older looking. To create a youthful natural glow and flawless complexion Ellen starts with Cover Girl ageless foundation. Followed with everything to make a Cover Girl glow, (eyeliner, eye shadow, lash and brow mascara, pink lip gloss) and you’ve got the look. Top it off with a (chic silk scarf, T-shirt, black blazer and jeans with high top tennis shoe’s) and you've got Ellen's Cover Girl Look.

Your Ellen Degeneres shapely style looks amazing from all points of view and almost styles itself. Just shampoo, comb and go or a quick blow dry and your ready for any occasion. The buttery blonde color has put the gray hair stylishly under cover and looks so natural it will have people wondering “Does she or Doesn’t she”? Your Cover Girl glow and ageless complexion has turned back the clock and pushed the style bar to the max. This perky wind blown’ do’ is sure to get rave reviews when you show up looking "ooh-so chic" and years younger with Ellen DeGeneres "easy breezy" Cover Girl style.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Famous Hairlines / Hair Restoration

Some Hairlines Are Headlines
Celebrity hairlines have become a hot topic in recent years.

When Sir Elton John had his hairline restored the tabloids read; “Tonsorial Wizard Grows Hair on Rocket Man Pin Ball”. Elton is perhaps the most famous hair restoration/transplant recipients. He underwent a series of replacement procedures after becoming fed-up with years of wearing toupees and wigs. 

Hollywood heartthrob Mel Gibson had his thinning and receding hairline restored. Today he is the proud owner of a full head of hair and natural looking hairline. While Mel has not publicly admitted to having had a hair replacement procedure and is not the first celebrity to undergo this hush-hush procedure. Kevin Costner known for his movie star good looks has always had a thin head of hair. Not liking the way his thinning crown looked on film and spending thousands of dollars having it “digitally added” in the editing room Kevin is said to have been considering a hair restoration procedure. 

Jokes about hair loss are as old as dirt, but not as old as rocks. Two famous comedians, Tom Arnold, and Dennis Miller are the first to tell you they’ve had this done and that it was an enjoyable “hair-razing experience”. Both look much younger with thicker hair and a natural looking hairline.

Known for their handsome boyish good looks Mathew McConaughey showed early signs of hair loss. He spent thousands of dollars on hair loss treatments to slow the process. Mathew finally settles for the real deal with a "hair replacement procedure” and his hairline looks totally natural even up close.

Movie Stars John Travolta and John Cleese filled in there fading hairline for a youthful looking hairstyle and you can also. Recent medical breakthroughs and artistic procedures and lower costs have made what was once an expensive procedure affordable for anyone. 

Hair Restoration is not just reserved for film and television stars. Having had a hair restoration procedure myself I can tell you first hand it was painless and well worth the expense. Hair restoration is a simple outpatient procedure that involves donor hair follicles taken from the back and side of the head, where hair is thickest and resistant to hair loss. These follicles are inserted seamlessly into the thinning spots for a totally natural looking hairline even up close. And best of all its permanent. 

With today’s modern hair restoration technology, it's now possible to do something about both male and female hair loss. My procedure was done here in Beverly Hills, California by the world's foremost hair restoration specialist, Dr. Michael Elliott. To learn more about his artistic procedure visit Dr. Elliott's web site and tell him I recommended you.