Thursday, September 21, 2017

Professional Steps for Home Hair Care

Professional Steps @ Home Hair Care

To receive the maximum benefits at home
use the following professional procedure for Shampoo and Conditioning
your hair between salon visits

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

These procedures are the results of years of empirical research and may be used 
individually or together as a professional system to clean, condition and prepare your hair for styling. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mr. President / How about "Tax Deductible Haircuts"

Mr. President / Tax Deductible Haircut

Mr. President with the high cost of professional grooming today only a small percentage of the population can afford to visit a salon or barber shop. As a result the vast majority of American's have never experienced as you have what personal enhancement can do to build confidence and improve their appearance both physically and emotionally.

To make this healthy personal care service affordable for every citizen along with your tax reform program how about including a tax deduction for professional grooming. $500 per year tax deduction for everyone would go along way to cover the basic cost of personal enhancement. A regular visit to a salon or barber stylist provides much more then a haircut. As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good about yourselfThis is the essence of what the professional beauty industry provides. 

Jump Start the Economy / Stimulate the Beauty Industry
Improve America's Face Value

A tax deduction for personal care would not only help everyone afford to look their best but would also  jump-start the economy, stimulate the beauty industry and improve America's face value. And by the way, the beauty profession is an ideal career choicefor all those with an artist’s eye and caring personality. However, the cost to enroll in a beauty college today is out of reach to so many. A tax credit program for cosmetology trade schools would help so many young people enter this financially rewarding career.

I'm sure many of you reading this thought provoking letter to President Trump will get a “few giggles” from it. However people in the entertainment industry have been legally deducting personal care services for years. And many corporations and businesses today require their employee's to look well groomed at their own expense and a visit to a hair stylist is a big part of that expense. 

Mr. President,  I hope you will consider this personal care tax deduction suggestion as part of your over-all tax reform program and help us make American Beauty Culture Great Again. Should you need help I would be honored to be your...Secretary of Style

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Next Big Trend / Male Makeup

The Next Big Trend / Male Makeup

Makeup is often regarded as a feminine indulgence, however existing research disproves such an accusation. In 2010 The University of Bristol found evidence suggesting Neanderthals wore makeup over 50,000 years ago. Much like the Neanderthals, Egyptian males’ masculinity was never compromised by their use of makeup. Eye makeup is said to have been used within their culture as early as 4000BC. Midway through the 1st century AD, Men using makeup was commonplace within Roman society. Roman men were renowned for their cosmetic use – powder was used for lightening the complexion, rouge was applied to cheeks, and nails were painted using a blend of pig fat and blood…a look that would be referred to as ‘gender bending’ within contemporary society.

Whilst these deeply historical examples illustrating the use of makeup by males, why did men stop wearing makeup. It maybe the many societal factors in recent years that have influenced the use of cosmetics by men- for instance, the pressure to be masculine and homophobic society. However, In a social driven internet world where the importance of aesthetics is as prominent young men have begun to explore the use makeup again. 

So much so that cosmetic  giant L'Oreal sees Men's Makeup becoming common place within the next five to seven years  Today there's a very small proportion of men who want to use makeup products however that proportion is growing and it will continue to grow according to  l'Oreal. 

The driving force behind men wearing makeup is that its no longer a taboo for the "Selfie Generation." The taboo's of the past generation to the present is very different. This generation simply wants to find ways to look their best everyday. Additionally men want to use makeup like the entertainment stars they admire, and they can see how it improves their appearance when they use it. 


A turning point in male cosmetics was the arrival of the cinema. The silver screen showed man how they could look  like the handsome, mustached Clark Gable and Errol Flynn. Elvis Presley, Jonny Depp and John Travolta were rarely featured in a film without styled hair and  makeup for a flawless tanned complexion. 
Cosmetic company normally catering to the female gender  begin formulating  hair shampoos, dyes, tonic, gels and lotions, shaving creams and skin care treatments and now basic makeup for the male half of the cosmetics industry. Tanning powders, gels,  lotions and creams for a natural healthy looking complexion and under eye cancellers are now available for men who want to look their best.

A new generation of male makeup products are set to gain popularity due to the increased focus on appearance driven by social media.  "Rather than being a minority, men who buy grooming products to boost self-esteem or feel more attractive are now on the way to being a  majority." Based on current trends, it is only a matter of time before a full portfolio of men's makeup becomes part of daily grooming. That time is coming, watch it happen.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Heat Energized Shampoo & Conditioner

Heat Energized Hair Care Treatments

New Heat Energized 
Shampoo Conditioning Treatment

Feel the Warmth ..See the Shine

Self-heating hair and skin care technology has been showing up in many of our everyday beauty products turning them into “spa-like-treatments”. What sorts of ingredients make self-heating beauty products work their magic?

Heat Activated by Water

The “secret” self-warming ingredient is zeolite, a micro-mineral that gives off heat when applied to “wet hair”. For hair treatments the heat is minimized and raises the temperature only by about 3 degrees for shampoo and slightly higher for conditioning treatments. Certainly not hot enough to produce a burn but the soothing warmth is definitely apparent to users. The heat has been shown to improve the cleansing process and make active conditioning ingredients more effective. It also stimulates circulation to relax tense nerve ending and sooth to the scalp. While most people enjoy the heat sensation, some may be sensitive to the heat.

Feel the Warmth … See the Shine

Heat Energized Hair Spa Treatment

Heat Energized Treatments are an example of this new technology at its best. Self-heating shampoo and conditioners combined with micro-poly-silicones  cleanse, seal and repair surface damage giving all hair a soft silky smooth feel, amazing luster and manageability in seconds. Hair stays clean and styles last longer with this all new heat energized "hair spa treatment". Ideal for today’s fast paced healthy life styles. 

George Caroll

Self-heating thermal beauty products have been around for awhile but are still a relatively new technology. It is interesting how basic chemistry can be used to create an “all-in-one” spa-like heat energized hair treatment. Self-heating hair and skin care treatments not only improve the effectiveness of active ingredients but are also therapeutic. This technology will be further explored and developed  in the coming years. To learn where you can find the heat energized shampoo and conditioner contact me 


Friday, July 14, 2017

Magic Botanical Oil / Hair and Body Serum

Magic Oil from Mother Natures Rare Earth Garden

Botanical Oils are naturally gentler than common anti-aging products because they deliver natures active ingredients deep into the skin without irritating the surface. One of the first to see the potential in this category of botanical beauty aids was Dr. Donna La Treill , (Clinical Researcher, Author, and Visionary). She found that some rare botanical oils when applied topically can create a smooth soft dewy youthful glow to skin and instantly restore moisture, elasticity and flexibility to dry damaged hair that lasts all day without a greasy residue.

Dr. La Treill’s extensive research studies lead her to discover the rare botanical oil extracted from the Korean Camellia Japonica flower seeds that have a long history of cosmetic usage traditionally in the oriental region as a beauty aid for the health of skin and hair, but has received relatively little attention for its biological activity thus far. A recent study suggested that Camellia Botanical Oil also have anti-inflammatory actives that common oils on the market don't have.

The Camellia Japonica also called the Korean Fire Flower is found no where else in the world growing a top forty foot tree’s in the monumental gardens of South Korea. The fruit of the Camellia Japonica tree consists of a globe-shaped capsule with three compartments, each with one or two large brown seeds. Fruiting occurs only in September to October.

From this rare Korean botanical flower hand selected Camellia seeds are taken through a 9x extracting process to produce the pure Camellia Botanical Oil Serum. Absolutely undiluted with no fillers it produces 86% fatty acids like the skin itself with its own Vitamin E content which preserves it naturally up to a year after bottling. The result, a 100% pure organic Camellia Botanical Oil Serum with endless benefits for the hair and entire body.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Daniel Craig / James Bond Style

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One such star whose hairstyle has become the latest must have look among men of all ages is Daniel Craig. His piercing blue bed room eyes and stylish contoured style cut gives this James Bond style a double-o dose of Panache'. Daniel’s rugged good looks and suave persona is irresistible to women and quite the catch for those babe's attracted to the cool stylish types.

TO GET THE LOOK: Are you looking for a hair style to blow the competition away? If that's the case, try Daniel Craig’s 007 style cut on for size and find out why this Bond style is a lethal “babe magnet". This stylish ruff and tumble style is designed for any occasion and almost styles itself. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

LET’S SHAPE IT: Start with a contoured style cut for volume with short tapered sideburns and collar length neckline. The crown is cut short for a tousled finger combed effect with a few "love locks" across the forehead to put a receding hair line stylishly under cover. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your secret agent style.

LET’S STYLE IT: Mist with Special Effects three-in-one styling spray and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick blast with a pistil grip blow dryer  and Magic Flex Styling Brush for a full look and you’ve got the James Bond "secret agent" style.

LET'S ADD AccessoriesWhat's a Bond Style without a few accessories? For a casual look top it off with a white T-shirt, black boomer jacket and canvas shoes paired with Omega watch and Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and you’re styling.

NOW, LET’S Color it:  Movie actors change their hair color often for the many roles they play so coloring their hair is no big deal. If you have brown graying hair like Daniel’s, a light sandy brown tint will give it a over all thicker look and keep those few gray hair’s stylishly “under-cover”. To keep it up, the new growth is re-colored with every other hair cut. This extra step will cost a few extra bucks but it's a small price to pay for a stylish youthful look.

Your Suave 007 Bond Style is a lethal “babe” magnet and comes equipped with everything you need for a stylish look. The contoured silhouette and tapered neckline with a few short "love locks" across the forehead puts your receding hairline stylishly "under cover". The light sandy brown color washes the gray away and give it a thicker look.  Heads will turn and the "Sky will Fall" when you show up looking oh so stylish with Denial Craig's suave "007 secret agent" style.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Year of the Master Barber / Artist

The year of the Master Barber / Artist
Buzz Buzz   /  Clip Clip /  Snip Snip / Style Happens

What's old is new again. Sometimes called a "Hawk Top" clipper cut made popular in the 1920's to complement the fashion of wearing hats is making a come back with a totally new artistic twist. 

To get the look the sides and back is cut short ( achieved with a clipper) with the top left long and brush back or to the side for a full or close look. The style is not well suited for everyone but looks especially good for men with a good head shape and those with round and angular face shapes and features. The short close tapered sides and long top give the face a slimmer look while accenting strong facial features.

Hair Art Graphic Style Cuts have been growing in popularity for both men and women. Ideal for those who like to walk on the edgy side of fashion. The hair is clipper cut close to the head  for a shadow effect and graphic designs are craved into the hair with both a clipper and razor.

Hair Tattoo's turns hair styling into a Living Art Form
Master Barber Rob Ferrell has proved he's one cool clipper artist by trans-forming customers' hair into the faces of celebritiesThe Texan hairdresser, who runs a shop in San Antonio, uses little more than a pair of clipperstraditional metal razor and some eyeliner pencils to craft his amazing hair designs.The results are nothing short of amazing... a work of art and thing of beauty. Picture Styles start at $200 dollars.

Hair Styling Experience
For a style that looks perfect from all points of view and holds its shape as it grows visit the George Caroll Salon just minutes from Universal Studio's.Our studio stylists have been helping the entertainment industry and Toluca Lake residents look stylish for years... now its your turn.  Call 818 980-3210

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Beauty Innovations from Korea

With growing frequency, innovative beauty products are originating in South Korea and making their way to Western markets. 

For example, BB creams, brightening products, skin care masks and skin care oils can all trace their popularity back to Asian origins. Innovative ingredients such as starfish extract and product applicators are being developed in South Korea before exploding in popularity around the world. In fact, South Korea has emerged as Asia’s trendsetter in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries, supplanting Japan as the primary source of Asian cool.

South Korea is becoming a hotbed of beauty innovations and has been called the New France of Skin Care products. For example, while most beauty products use distilled, pure water as a base, South Korean beauty labs have been able to use cutting-edge solutions like tree sap or thermal water as the base. 

In addition, some of the unique ingredients being used by Korean brands boast anti-aging, firming, hydrating or blemish-healing properties, and those ingredients include snail extract, starfish extract, herbs indigenous to the Asian region, like yeast extracts, fruit stem cells and unique floral extracts. 

One example is the rare Korean botanical Camellia flower. Hand selected Camellia seeds are taken through a 9x extracting process to produce the pure Camellia Oil Serum. The result, is a 100% pure Camellia Oil Serum with endless benefits for the hair, face and body.

Furthermore, South Korean beauty labs are famous for some of the most advanced beauty applicators. Notable inclusions are products that are twisted out of containers, cushion compacts that stay constantly moist and bacteria-free, ergonomic grips on eyeliners, lipsticks that apply with clean spatula-like devices, and vibrating puffs to help skin absorb makeup and skin care products. 

The Latest innovation is a Eco-Friendly water saving Shower Head Nozzle with a built-in Ceramic bead filler that removes the Chlorine and dispenses a micro-mist Collagen Protein that strengthens the hair and and hydrates the entire body.

As South Korean beauty R&D labs continue to innovate expect to see more Asian beauty brands popping up stateside.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Famous Redheads

Redheads throughout history have often been portrayed as fiery and seductive; from Queen Elizabeth I to Cleopatra (who some argue was a redhead).

Hollywood has loved red hair from its early days. Think of Clara Bow the redheaded “It Girl”, Lucille Ball and Maureen O’Hara with their playful confident personalities and Rita Hayworth’s bombshell sexuality and you've got it.

Today’s dazzling redheads; Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, Diane Lane and Nicole Kidman continue to light up the silver screen with their ravishing red hair.

If you're thinking about redefining your style there's not better way then with a new hair color. For years the hair fashion industry has been obsessed with blonds. Make no mistake, blond hair isn't going out of style but it's time for blonds to make way for the seductive redhead. Red hair isn't just a hair color it's an attitude.

If it were a formula for a sexy hair color I’d mix two parts red hair, one part personality, plus two parts sexual confidence. It’s said that Blonds have more fun, but Redheads are never forgotten. Bette Midler (singer-actress) may have said it best, "Gentlemen may prefer blonds, but it takes a real man to tame a redhead."

Red hair comes in many shades from cool to warm. Women with pale porcelain skin and green or blue eyes should go for natural gingers and neutral-tone coppers. Dark and olive skin tones should stick with the Burgundies and violet-based colors.

Brunettes should favor the darker shades of red to match their complexion and natural hair color. Medium brown and light blond can wear either dark or lighter shades of reds. Adding red highlights or lowlights with a foil weaving technique can achieve either a natural or dramatic look. This eye-catching dimensional effect is perfect for those that want to take center stage. If you chose to become a redhead you may want to lightening the brows to give it a natural look.

Red hair dye contains the smallest of hair color molecules as a result keeping red from washing out will take extra care. To preserve the color using a pigmented shampoo and conditioner between touch ups will help prevent premature fading.

There are dozens of ravishing red hues from strawberry and auburn to coppers so it can be difficult to know which shade is right for you. To determine what shade would suit you complexion and natural hair color best and which to avoid a visit to a professional hair colorist is well worth the time and expense. Before you make an appointment, clip a few pictures from magazines with colors you’re interested in trying and show them to the colorist….a picture is worth a thousand words!

For star hair styles along with beauty innovations and a few giggles please visit my web site when you have time @

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Magic Flex Styling Brush

As long as people have had hair there has been a need to tame tangles and help arrange and style it. For these reasons hair brushes have been around for thousands of years, but changed dramatically in the mid 20th century with the introduction of space age plastic, flexible rubber, synthetic fibers and ionic ceramic composites. 

What started out as a very basic grooming implement has morphed into a highly specialized grooming and styling tool to complement the use of hand held blow dryers and modern styling effects.

The Magic Flex Hair Styling Brush is an example of the new hair brush technology at its best combining three of the most popular styling brushes in one: Paddle Brush, Round Brush, Shaping Brush, plus a built-in-styling comb.

The Magic Flex three-in-one Styling Brush is made of a durable heat resistant flexible composite that's easy on the hair and scalp making it ideal for blow dry hair styling and today's hair styles. Its adjustable flexible handle  allows it to fold "open and closed" and spring back to its original flat Paddle Brush shape like magic. 

The air flow net speeds styling protects hair from direct heat and helps dry hair in place. What's more, the Versatile Magic Flex Brush is the only brush with a built-in-styling comb and includes a unique "retainer clip" designed to hold it "open" for use as a round brush and "closed" when not in use, making it ideal for travel.

The multi-function Magic Flex Brush is designed for all hair types and lengths, both wet and dry and makes blow dry styling safe, quick and easy. Just look at all you can do with your Magic Flex hair brush:

One hair styling brush does it all !
Lift and shape for volume, remove tangles from wet and dry hair with ease, roll hair over or turn it under, straighten and relax unruly waves, scrunch to encourage curl and volume, crimp and wave, finish with its built-in-styling comb. This is why the Magic Flex is the
"world's most versatile hair brush" and a Hollywood hair styling beauty secret.

The World's Most Versatile Hair Brush
and Hollywood Beauty Secret



Thursday, February 9, 2017

Barrage Collagen Spa Hair Care Treatment.

Over the past 50 years of my career I've seen many advancements in the professional beauty industry that have made major improvements. 

For example, Protein technology has made all of our hair care product more effective. Hair Coloring technology has made major steps forward with one step high lift tints and a wide range of amazing hair colorants. In addition to new Styling Tools like the thermal controlled curling and straightening irons, hot rollers, multi-functional styling brushes and ionic hair dryers combined with new creative styling and coloring techniques have turned professional hair styling into a "Living Art Form.

However, the one place the salon has not seen an improvement has been the Shampoo Bowl. Now you can Up-Grade your salon shampoo bowl with the new Barrage Collagen Jet Stream Spray System and give your clients the experience of a Collagen Salon Spa Hair Care Treatment. Just look at how it works and all it does for both salon and home hair and body care.

The pressurized Jet Stream Spray ionized water shortens the rinsing process, feels good on the scalp and uses 65% less water. 

The Jet Stream Spray quickly and thoroughly removes all traces of hair dye residue from the hair and scalp following coloring. The Collagen infused water seals in the color to help prevent premature fading for a long lasting vibrant healthy look.

Clean up your shampoo bowl tap water. The Barrage Ceramic ionic beads and fabric filter cleans the salon tap water removing all traces of Chlorine, Minerals and Odors making salon shampoo and hair treatments 100% more effective. Especially all  conditioners formulated with Collagen protein.

In addition the Barrage Micro-Pore Shower Plate creates a powerful jet stream spray to remove 
all traces of shampoo and hair dye after coloring. This unique feature helps save water and leave the hair and scalp clean and ready for styling in seconds.

Besides removing chlorine and minerals from salon tap water the Barrage Jet Stream Nozzle contains a built-in replaceable Collagen Protein Pad that adds hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Protein and Vitamin C to the purified water. 

This unique feature helps repair split ends and surface damage, remove tangles and seals in delicate hair color. The Mariner Collagen protein strengthens the inter-cellular protein in all areas of the body (hair and skin) making it ideal for beauty professionals that have their hands exposed to water daily and home personal care.

The topically applied Marine Collagen and Vitamin C infused water noticeably improve the feel and appearance of hair and skin. What's more because proteins attractive one another like a magnet the Marine Collagen infused water doubles the effectiveness of all types of shampoos and salon conditioners, especially those formulated with Collagen proteins. 

Now you can step into the future and up grade your salon shampoo bowls with the Barrage Collagen Jet Stream Power Sprayer and give your clients a salon spa hair treatment


Now you can help keep your clients style and hair color healthy looking between salon visits when you add the Barrage Collagen Jet Stream Shower Sprayer  to your Salon Retail Center. 
Barrage Conditioner for Pet Care
If you love your pets as I do ... now you can treat your pet to a conditioning luxury bath with the Barrage Collagen Infused Jet Stream Spray System for a clean soft shiny coat .

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  • A professional beauty innovation from Louis Lacayo International