Thursday, May 15, 2014

Salon Suites Rental's VS Salon Chair Rental's

Booth Rental Salon Suites are popping up all over
Southern California following the lead of Salon Chair Rentals.

"Booth Salon Suites Rentals vs. Salon Chair Rentals" that is the question? Although Salon Suites offer privacy the  major problem I see with renting a small glass wall enclosed space like the new (salon suites concept) is that it can give some clients a totally Claustrophobic feeling.
On the other hand Salon Chair Rental's offers the salon client a entertaining atmosphere letting them see what other people are doing with their hair and fashions. And the stylists gets inspiration by seeing what other stylists are doing which is what's totally missing in the Salon Suite environment. Both due give stylists extra income, however Salon Chair Rentals are less costly over-all. And if you have a styling problem the other stylists are their to help you or cover for you when your on vacation.

Its interesting to note that early beauty salons (1900-1960) were design with enclosed booths like the salon suits. In the 1960 the salon booth's were replaced with the open floor concept and offered a entertaining atmosphere. Women enjoy seeing what others are doing and a salon Chair Rentals offer that and more.