Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hair Myths

For years all sorts of hair myths have been making their away around the world's households. There are as many myths about hair as there are hair styles. Here are the scientific FACTS about the top 10 hair myths: 

1.      Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.
The hairs growth rate will very for each individual, growing from a half to one inch per month. Cutting your hair will only make it shorter but it will keep it healthy looking. However the hair's grow rate often slows with age, mostly through the crown.
2.     Split Ends can be totally repaired to look like it never happened.
Damaged hair cannot be totally repaired to look like new, (only temporarily patched up) and should be cut off or it will continue to fray. Having your hair cut, shaped or trimmed on a regular bases (4-8 weeks) is the best damaged hair conditioning treatment and the secret to healthy looking well groomed hair.

3.      Brushing your hair is bad for it.
Brushing hair incorrectly can damage the hair. However, brushing the hair daily with a simulated or natural boar bristle brush keeps it healthy and well groomed. Brushing your hair helps regulate its natural shedding process, stimulates oil and blood circulation, remove’s tangles, cleans the scalp and polishes the hair. It’s best to brush the hair from the scalp to ends every morning, evening and always before shampooing it.

4.      Wearing tight hats cause baldness.
This one probably started in the military where young men entering the service were required to wear hats and soon showed signs of going bald, or at least hair thinning. This is due to coincidental timing as young men enter the military at the age that male pattern hair loss begins for many.  Ventilated caps are best as the scalp needs oxygen for growth.

5.      All your hair can turn gray or white over night.
This was born in dime store novels. Hair receives its color genetically and can only turn gray or white over time. Actually the hair doesn't turn white in as much as the hair follicle stops producing it natural pigment (color). However, extreme illness or sudden shock can cause the hair to begin to grow in white "but not" over night, or even a wild weekend.
6.      Pluck one gray hair and two grow back.
If this were true I would be pulling my hair out by the fist full. However plucking hair incorrectly can damage the follicle and cause it to grow out in an odd shape or direction. 

7.      Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family.
This is more Hair Voodoo. Male and female pattern hair loss can be inherited from either side of the family and may or may not skip many generations. Male pattern hair loss usually begins at age 17 to 20 and female patter hair loss between ages 45 and 55.
8.      Dandruff is caused by dry scalp.
Dandruff and dry scalp are two entirely different things. A good shampoo and conditioner will take care of the dry scalp, which is 'flaking'. Dandruff shampoos are entirely unnecessary and inadvisable for dry scalp. Dandruff is a health issue and requires medical attention and prescribed medicated treatments. The 'flakes' are actually oily, not dry and scalps can me itchy. Very few people have actual dandruff and you would know it if you did. And Dandruff is not contagious. On the other hand, there are plenty of nasty things you can get from using someones comb or brush, so be careful. Keeping your personal grooming tools clean is a must.

9.  Cutting your hair during a full moon makes it grow faster.
OK I know the moon regulates the oceans tides and many people think it effects the growth of their hair. I am not even going to dignify this one with an explanation. But if you buy into this type of earth muffin drivel, by all means, book a standing appointment on your hairdresser's full moon calendar.

10.       Washing hair everyday is damaging.
At one time not so long ago this was true. However with recent advancements in cosmetic chemistry it’s not only safe to cleanse the hair, scalp and body frequently (even daily) but is also considered hygienically healthy. Shampooing frequently not only improves the hair’s appearance but also removes waxy (sebum) and sweat form the scalp, along with hair mites and styling aids that cause pore blockage and unwanted odor. Thereby allowing the scalp to breathe and promote normal healthy hair growth.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ageless Hair

With the first wave of baby boomers turning 65, maintaining an active lifestyle is high on their priority list—as is maintaining a more youthful appearance. A recent report projects the anti-aging products market to reach $291 billion worldwide by 2015. Moreover, this market may be more recession-proof than others, as this population continues to seek the fountain of youth and shows no sign of abatement. There’s no better time than now to capitalize on this trend and provide them with care –free hair styles and targeted hair care products solutions specific to their needs. 

According to the results of a recent poll one-third of baby boomers report they regularly color their hair to cover up the gray. However, gray or white color is only one sign of aging hair; other signs include a change in surface texture, diminished density, dullness, increased dryness due to lack of sebum and breakage. Some of these changes are due to the environment—years of coloring, blow-drying, straightening, ironing and in correct brushing take their toll—while other effects are simply due to the physiological changes of getting older. These aging transformations occur gradually over time:

  • 20s: Hair is at the peek of thickness and strength, with ample sebum and shine.
  • 30s: The external damage incurred during one's 20s becomes visible, and s slight decline in sebum can cause hair to lose its natural luster.
  • 40s: The diameter of the hair shaft begins to shrink, leading hair to become thinner and more fragile; a decline in melanin levels can begin to lead to gray hair.
  • 50's: Most men and women are 50% gray by the age of fifty due to a steep decline in melanin; follicles continue to shrink and leave hair thinner and the hair often changes its natural characteristics _ becoming straighter, curly or wavy.
  • Nearly 40% of both men and women will have experienced some degree of hair loss by age sixty, mostly around the hairline and crown; hair often appears thin and lackluster.

Clearly there is a need for Anti-aging hair care products that leave hair shiny to make up for the loss in natural sebum—but without a greasy look. Because hair becomes thinner, more brittle and less glossy with age, products that create volume, strengthen and provide shine are essential. It’s a tall order but with today’s advancement in cosmetic formulations and refined ingredients it can be broken down into four key segments. 

1.      Anti-aging shampoo and conditioner for example must be gentle and provide excellent cleansing and conditioning benefits, moisturize the hair as it cleans, and leave the hair feeling soft, smooth and free from buildup. The hair must also be strengthened from the inside out. 

2.      Because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, deep conditioners not only treat and condition hair—they start with the scalp as well. There are available ingredients with compositions very similar to the natural carbohydrate fraction found in the stratum corneum of human skin; as a result, they are highly substantive to the skin and bind moisture like a water magnet. This soothes and hydrates an irritated scalp. These can be added to hair masks also known as deep conditioners, provide intense, targeted moisture that restores hair’s natural shine and strengthen it against future breakage. By nourishing hair and scalp regularly—usually on a weekly basis—texture, body and manageability can improve greatly. 

3.      Replacing the outdated hair sprays with an effective soft-shine spray can pack a powerful punch—smoothing, holding and protecting hair will be the go-to styling product for ageless looking hair. However, it still must function like a great traditional hair spray, keeping styles in place without feeling sticky on hair. In fact, calling the product a “shine spray” rather than the outdated term hair spray may be to a brand’s benefit as well. Even if the two products work in a similar manner, today’s consumer wants something that sounds more youthful and trendy.

4.      Sun, wind and heat can take a major toll on hair in the course of a lifetime, causing it to become brittle and prone to split ends. A great leave-in treatment like a styling cream can help restore hair to its natural shine, moisture and body while smoothing and controlling unbecoming frizz.

Salon products designed for mature hair are on the way but can only mean success when they include the right product mix and the high quality ingredients. The boomers will quickly see through products that overpromise and underdeliver; as always, product effectiveness is key to a line that will keep mature consumers coming back for more. Ageless hair care products____ a trend to watch.

Friday, December 2, 2011

OFF BEAT / Tattooed Lips


With the advent of temporary tattoos, more people have access to this form of beauty expression with a less significant commitment, but many still seek traditional looks and body destinations. However, a new product introduction is giving temporary tattoos a new flair—Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos. Available in designs including animal print, polka dot, fishnet stockings and more, they allow a distinctly eye-catching form of self-expression.

Unusual lip color products have long been a way to stand out, but Violent Lips is in a league by itself with unusual designs that are sure to produce a lot of double-takes from consumers. Estimates are that over one-third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 have at least one tattoo, which suggests that a sizeable number of consumers could be open to trying a product like this. People often choose to be tattooed to convey characteristics such as ruggedness, individuality and, possibly, a wild and dangerous side, and tattoos have been a beauty symbol in cultures across the world for thousands of years. Although subject to their own design trends and placement fads (tribal arm band or Chinese symbol on the lower back, anyone?), those who get them often insist they are form of expression and personalization they feel they can’t get through any other means of self expression.


For the fashionista’s you can now turn your pout into Polka Dot, Leopard or Fishnet prints that last through the night with Violent Lips. A fashionable line of Temporary Lip Tattoo Applique. The ultimate form of self-expression, the Violent Lips Collection offers a statement-making line of Lip patterns that range from bold animal prints and fun polka dots, to sexy fishnets. This innovative line of Temporary Lip Appliqués will keep the print and color on your lips for 4 to 8 hours. Vitamin enhanced with a smooth feel and glossy finish, the appliqués are easy to apply to lips of all sizes. Violent Lips was created by entertainment industry veteran Jeff Haddad and his daughters Isabella and Sophia. Violent Lips is a line of natural and vitamin enhanced temporary lip tattoos that stay put from the stage to the after-party. These FDA approved, vegan lip tattoos, are tested on supermodels, not animals and made in America. One pack of Violent Lips contains 3 applications. Follow the instructions on the back of each application or watch our online tutorials to help apply the product. The appliqué itself is applied and sealed using water much like a temporary tattoo. The patent pending appliqué removes easily with mineral or baby oil and a textured wipe. A trend to watch !!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Leo Passage / Godfather Of Hairdressing

Leo Passage / Godfather Of Hairdressing / 1936-2011
The life of Leo Passage is an inspirational story and the kind of stuff that dreams are made of to boot. He came to America from the Netherlands with his young wife of one week and created a network of educational programs for beauty schools that today spans the globe. Leo’s career began at 17 when he was sent to apprentice with a family friend in Holland, where he worked five days a week. On weekends, he returned to Belgium and worked Saturdays and Sundays in his father’s barbershop. His father encouraged him to venture out and try new things. This led him to the world of “competitions hairdressing” where he won more than 95 competitions. He then set his sights on American with a two-year contract at a salon owned by a French expat in Evanston, IL.
With his unique hairdressing techniques and the help of two full-time assistants, in six months he was serving fifty clients a day__ what most hairdressers might do in a week. However Leo could not walk away from the competition hairdressing world and began teaching his competition techniques around the country. By 1959 Leo captured the coveted titles of World Supreme Champion as well as Hairdresser of the Year and became the youngest member of the U.S. Hairdressing Team in Paris, France. With his reputation as original, fresh thinking innovative hair stylist Leo was asked to represent professional product companies, at beauty conventions held in hotel ballrooms to standing room only hairdressers.
Armed with a passion for teaching Leo walked away from his salon business and opened what was to become known as the Pivot Point Beauty Academy on the north side of Chicago. Leo had a dream of creating a path to success for hairdressers by teaching students to see, think, create and adapt as a designer — not just duplicate the latest fashion trends — but to be the innovator of these trends. His Pivot Point system embraced not just (the how to_ but the why it works) and remove the guess work with a systematic scientific approach that produced predictable results every time. He defined this as the Pivot Point Difference.
Beauty school owners soon took notice and began asking him to implement the “Pivot Point Hairdressing System” in their beauty schools throughout the United States. Over the past half century Pivot Point International has become a global company creating high-quality cosmetology and esthetics educational programs used in schools around the world. It’s estimated that more than a million hairdresser’s have studied the Pivot Point System of hairdressing, including a number of the industry’s most influential giants, leaders and educators. Today and into the future, Pivot Point continues to drive the paradigm shift in education by offering the educational materials and programs to help empower the next generation of designers to succeed in the beauty industry. Whether you dream of working or owning a salon or spa — or heading for Hollywood, the fashion stages and even the competitive arena, Pivot Point provides the most comprehensive hair and skin care education in the U.S. and around the World!

In an industry that champion’s individuality, Leo was a giant whose humility was well known—always sharing with others without self-interest, and possessing a timeless, creative spirit as fresh on the last day as on the first. He truly lived his life to the fullest, and inspired everyone to follow your heart and your dreams. In 2008, the L.E.O. Award for “Leadership, Education and Outstanding” contributions to the hairdressing profession was created to annually acknowledge the best and the brightest in the industry in an awards ceremony at the annual beauty show held in Chicago. His legacy will continue to live on in all Pivot Point educators and graduates in the best salons, spas and companies in the world.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Natalie Wood / Star Hair Style

Drawing inspiration for the stars hair styles both past and present has become a national past time and Hollywood heart throb Natalie Wood is no exception. Natalie was one of the few child stars who made the successful transition from both teen and adult star. As a teenager she was a high school goddess, the one the boys all wanted and the girls imitated. Natalie was perfection: sophisticated, beautiful, elegant and approachable. Her classic bouncy bobbed and long face framing feminine hair styles set the hair style trend throughout the 60’s and is perfect for today’s care free lifestyles. What’s old is new again___ a trend to watch.

If you’re looking to trade in your long tired looking locks for a understate ultra sexy feminine hair style take a styling lesson from Natalie Wood and watch head turn when you show up with this simple classic look. To get the look let’s take it one step at a time, starting with style cut and styling.
LET’S SHAPE IT:  Natalie’s style cut starts with a just off the shoulders layered and contoured silhouette for volume with side swept brow brushing bangs. This classic “time saving style”’ suits all age groups, face shapes and ideal for straight and wavy hair. With a few adjustments (trims as it grows) you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your hair, face shape and personal style.
Natalie’s classic understated hair style is loaded with sex appeal and is sure to get rave reviews. The shapely ultra feminine silhouette with side swept "brow brushing peek-a-boo" bangs gives it an alluring look. For the time challenged this classic shape almost styles itself. A quick tousle with a blow dryer and styling brush or a few twists around a styling iron and you’re ready for any occasion. You'll leave the salon signing, I feel Pretty__Oh so Pretty and Perky as well. And your girl friends are sure to be green with envy when they see all the men making a fuss over you and your new Natalie do’.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oprah Winfrey / Star Hair Style

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. And none has had more influence on women’s hair styles than Oprah Winfrey. While she is best known as a TV host and producer, Oprah rarely shies away from trying something new, particularly when it comes to her beauty styling. And while she may have had some bumps along the way (really, who hasn't?), no matter how she has looked, Oprah has always stayed true to herself. Oprah may be known as the Queen of All Media but is just as famous for her ever-changing trend setting hairstyles. From curls to short bobs and bouffant styles, the talk show titan continuously keeps her fans guessing. Let’s take a peek back at her most memorable beauty looks over the years.
1986 Oprah Winfrey sports this short shag to the 43rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. It was all about volume for the soon-to-be-larger-than-life star. 1990 At a formal affair for the American All-Star Tribute she mixes it up with a French twist and layered bang. 1995 Having established her media dominance, Winfrey takes her look to a new sophisticated level. 1998 Oprah debuts her now trademark curls at the 24th Annual People’s Choice Awards. 1999 At the National Book Awards in New York City, Winfrey’s soft body and shake-ability style sets the tone for how many Black women want to wear their hair.
2002 With no-fuss cornrows, Winfrey concentrates on the kids while distributing Christmas gifts to underprivileged school children in the rural town of Harding, South Africa. 2004 As a media personality, Oprah keeps her appearance fresh with these soft, flowing curls at the Sesame Workshop’s Second Annual Benefit Gala. 2005 You know it’s a special occasion when she rocks with spiraling curls at the Broadway opening of “The Color Purple.” 2006 One of her favorite looks is seen at the TNT Black Movie Awards where she dons a soft half up, half down wavy style. 2006 Winfrey is honored at the New York Public Library’s Annual Library Lions Gala where she sports an elegant up-do that looks regal with her subtle highlights. 2009 For those who think that Oprah wears extensions for extra length, you better think again! Here she shows off her long hair in a natural soft blow dry style.
The hairdresser behind the magic__ it all started in 1985 when Andre Walker a Chicago salon owner saw Oprah’s new talk show “AM Chicago” and sent her a note, simply stating “I’m dying to get my hands on your hair”. Back then it was just Oprah, one publicist, and one producer, recalls Walker. The bold declaration earned him a tryout, and three years later, he was working with Oprah full-time. After decades of styling, Oprah says, Andre is "why I still have my hair." For her 50th birthday, Andre created a short, choppy look with a bit of a flip which is one of her favorite hair styles. Lately, he’s been doing ponytails with a little height on the top to stretch the time between blow dries.
To keep Oprah’s locks lush and beautiful on a regular basis, Walker avoids using blow dryers or irons on her hair more than three times per week and recommends pin curling or roller setting in between. His cardinal hair care rule is to keep the hair clean to avoid styling aid build-up and (condition, condition, condition), whether you think you need it or not. He recommends using a conditioner every time you shampoo, and a thick hair mask treatment once a week to help repair dry ends and add shine. He also will not do “two chemical treatments” at once. If I'm using a relaxer I don't color directly after. His secret for giving Oprah's hair styles a dazzling shine is to mix “equal parts” of his curl enhancing lotion and leave in conditioner with a few drops of his Q Oil shine serum combed through her wet hair.
Andre Walker is a seven-time Emmy winner and author of a beauty book “Andre Talks Hair” and has been Oprah Winfrey's personal hair stylist for the past 25 years. He also created the popular short sculptured “Halley Berry Style” and believes that all women, no matter their hair type or texture, need to make peace with their hair. He recently launched his own line of products sold on the Home Shopping Network designed for all hair types to help promote overall health, manageability and shine. Andre’s beauty products are available at www.andrewalkerhair.com

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vidal Sassoon Autobiography / Book Review

Vidal Sassoon Autobiography
The most famous hairdresser in the world tells his fascinating life story

There’s no doubt that Vidal Sassoon revolutionized hairdressing in the way that his frequent collaborator, Mary Quant, revolutionized hemlines. It’s certain that the Swinging Sixties would have been decidedly less swinging had the celebrities of the day not been sporting his iconic geometric cuts. Sassoon’s approach to hair ushered in a modern era where women, once slaves of the salon, would be freed of the stand up dryer and able to “wash, blow and go” while breaking the rules of hair symmetry altogether.

Vidal Sassoon's extraordinary life has taken him from an impoverished childhood to global fame as the father of modern hairdressing, whose slick sharp style cuts took the fashion world by storm. His memoir begins with surprising and often moving stories of his early life—He then discusses his extraordinary career, during which he cut the hair of everyone who was anyone—including Mary Quant, Grace Coddington, Twiggy, Rita Hayworth, and Mia Farrow; launched salons all over the world; founded the hairdressing school that still bears his name; and became a global brand. 

When asked what he thinks of today’s popular hairstyles. He says that although there are a lot of beautiful hair cuts today most do nothing for the face and would love to see some beautiful face framing cutting come back. He most regrets having sold his salon only hair products to Richardson-Vicks and a year later it was sold to Proctor and Gamble which took the hair products out of the salons and into the mass market. 

If you skim over all the celebrity stuff Vidal’s autobiography is an inspiring rags to riches story. For me it was interesting to see how the hair industry that we take so for grant these days evolved from the 1900's. Filled with pictures his book is a compelling memoir of a genuine fashion icon that reinvented the art of hairdressing in the 20 century. Perhaps Vidal’s most important legacy is the signature techniques taught around the world today at Vidal Sassoon Academies and his memorable TV commercial slogan __ (when you look good, we look good). This book and his first (Sorry to keep you waiting madam) have found a place on my book shelf.  Available at Amazon.com

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why Do Hair Styles Have Names?


The Bob, the Gibson, Classic Page Boy, Shag, EMO, Pixie, Punk, Duck Tail, Crew Cut, Buz Cut or celebrity names, Jackie O, Rachel, Farah and any number of names have been used to describe a hair style. Sassoon called his hair styling GEOMETRIC hair designs and went on to give each a commercial name (Greek Goddess, Isadora, etc) but most people simply called it a Sassoon haircut.


I'm often asked what I call my hair styles. After pondering the question and understanding that it’s a communications issue I came up with the name, (BIO MORPHIC / LIFE FORM) hair styles. Bio Morphic hair styles come in every length, shape, color and texture (straight, curly, wavy and combinations). All have one thing in common they don’t have a name. Each is a one of a kind (unique hair style), designed to hold their shape as they grow (BIO / LIFE), and a shape that’s balanced from all points of view (MORPHIC / FORM) and designed for “Self Styling”.


If you feel a hair style must be christened give it a commercial name. However nothing dates a hair style like a name. Without a name a style is never dated. For me hair styling should be a Personal Experience not Commercial….Your thoughts

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diane Sawyer / Star Hair Style


Diane Sawyers big break came about when she changed her natural ash brown hair color to a glamorous honey blonde and the rest his history. Diane recently opted for a classic mid length shapely bob to complement here busy life style.

If you’re searching for a glam hair color and trendy style Diane Sawyer’s face framing style and glam honey blond hair color is an excellent starting point for those looking for a simple classic hair style to complement an active. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; staring with a style cut and shaping. 

LET’S SHAPE IT:  Diane’s style starts with a just off the shoulders layered and contoured silhouette for volume and side swept brow brushing bangs. This classic “time saving style”’ is ideal for straight and wavy hair and suits most face shapes. With a few adjustments (trims as it grows) you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your hair, face shape and personal style.

LET’S STYLE IT:   For style support we start with a dab of styling foam, gel mousse or spray gel. To put your style in motion and add volume, toss your hair upside down and give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer. If your locks look a bit dry or frizzy a dab of styling cream will tame it. For a dressy look, a quick twist around your styling iron gets the look. After, tuck one side over your ear and add red glossy lip stick, eye liner and shadow, diamond stud earrings and you’ve got the look.


NOW, LET’S COLOR IT:  To get the look, Diane’s natural ash brown hair color is lightened with a high lift Honey blonde color for a golden sun kissed look. To keep this up the new growth is touched up every 4-6 week. 


Diane’s colorful style is the stuff that dreams are made of and is loaded with sex appeal. The shapely silhouette with side swept "brow brushing" bangs gives it shapely casual look. For your time challenged life this classic shape’ almost styles itself. Just give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer and styling brush and your good to go. The sun kissed hair color puts those few gray hair’s stylishly under cover and is sure to get rave reviews. Heads will turn and girl friends will be green with envy when you show up with Diane Sawyers style and hair color.

For Diane Sawyers hair style and color visit

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Booked Solid by Paul J DiGrigoli

Booked Solid by Paul J DiGrigoli
Ultimate Guide to Getting and Keeping Clients

Paul J DiGrigoli’s motivational book, Booked Solid contains all he's learned over the past 30 years to become a booked solid hairdresser, successful salon and beauty school owner and world renowned motivational speaker. In Booked Solid, you'll learn: the business of being a hairdresser, how to market yourself, 4 ways to increase your sales and services, who will help you succeed and how to find them, how to use your natural talents to boost your business, how to fire up your creativity, the vital link between self-care and success, the 4 reasons clients leave and the 4 reason they stay and why loving what you do takes the WORK out of life!

Paul’s success however, was neither automatic nor guaranteed. Growing up in a small town in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts and born into a family of hairdressers it was Paul’s uncle a barber who encouraged him to become a hairdresser telling him to go to a big city and learn the latest methods and come back as a super star. So Paul set off to become a hairdresser in the “big” city of Boston. However, he only got as far as Springfield, Massachusetts where he enrolled in cosmetology school at the Springfield Technical Community College and lived in a tiny little room in the YMCA where he offered haircuts in the lobby for three dollars. After graduating from Beauty College and working in a few local salons Paul attended a hair cutting course at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, California and had an epiphany which is what how to become a Booked Solid hairdresser is all about.

Over the years Paul has had his share of disappointments and set backs, including losing almost half of his business when seven stylists walked out of his salon. However, as he makes clear in his Seminars and Booked Solid, that adversity made him stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and financially – by refocusing his goals and plans. Paul believes you can literally turn a negative into a positive. He knows, because it worked for him. He acknowledges that it seems he had to hit rock bottom in order to grow like crazy and get to where he is today. Paul is grateful for his success and what he has learned about personal development. He feels that part of his mission in life is to share with others what he has learned.


Booked Solid points out the 4 reasons clients leave unsatisfied and the 4 reason they stay with you for years. And highlights and explores the top 10 things you must do all the time to become a Booked Solid Hairdresser. Some are technical; some are how you act. For example always be on time; in fact be early and enthusiastic. Become an overachiever do everything at 200%. Surround yourself with great people and great coaches. Always act and dress professionally. To become Booked Solid you must also create raving fans. You must generate the “WOW” factor. If the client leaves thinking, “I just got a quick haircut or hair color” then you haven’t accomplished your mission. The goal is to make each clients visit a “hair styling experience” one they look forward too every time they see you.

Booked Solid in paperback is also available on a CD along with How to Become a Super Instructor; inspire and drive your student’s passion and energy for years to come. Master Your Salon’s Future; discover the techniques to take your salon in a new direction, create a new game plan and the steps to make your existing salon better. The Competitive Edge; learn how to evaluate your own salon, both from a competitors’ perspective and financially. Position yourself in the marketplace through powerful and effective branding. Cultivate your team and resolve staffing issues. Momentum it’s the Name of the Game, master the ability to solve problems and make decisions. Discover the steps to fulfillment and success. Learn the levels of professional progression. Build confidence, control your focus, and magnify your attitude! 

Over my 40 plus year career I’ve had the good fortune to personally meet and be inspired by many amazing hairdressers that have changed my life. I can now add Paul J DiGrigoli and it could not have happened at a better time. Whether you’re a new-be or veteran hairdresser and want to learn how to become a BOOK SOLID hairdresser then I highly recommend you order this career altering book­­__ Available in paperback or CD at www.DiGrigoli.com  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kalology / Study Of Beauty

Kalology is the study of “psychological aspects of beauty”, especially with the components as they relate to appearance. The subject of aesthetics and how it relates to beauty was introduced by Plato and enlarged upon by Aristotle. Aesthetics attempts to explain the human reaction to beauty, and whether this reaction is objective or subjective; for instance, whether beauty is a universal concept, or whether environment affects a person's taste and what is considered beautiful.

Kalology (the study of beauty) is the corner stone of both Cosmetology and Dermatology and the line between both have become blurred with the introduction of Medi-Spa’s. A Medi-Spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and salon day spa that operates under the supervision of medical doctor. They tend to have a more clinical atmosphere than salon day spas and offer laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, photofacials, injectables like Botox, chemical peels and medical grade skin care treatments and products.

Leading the way in this new approach to skin care is Tracy Brennan a former advertising executive and model. Tracy’s interest in skin care grew largely as a result of skin conditions she attributed to hormonal imbalances and stress. Drawing on here advertising expertise she named her company Kalologie. The Kalologie 360’ Skin Care Spa and Kalologie Medi Clinic's are owned and operated by doctors and staffed with highly trained skin care practitioners to formulate a plan that’s based on each individual’s skin care objectives and deliver real results. 

Whether combating the signs of aging,
struggling with the effects of acne, or just searching for a healthier-looking complexion, Kalologie 360 skin care and medi spa’s offers its own pharmaceutical/medical grade skin care products and personalized treatment solutions to address the unique challenges of each individual’s skin. 

With the growing interest in both surgical and non-surgical medical procedures and a youth orientated culture it’s no surprise that within a few short years, Kalologie skin care spa’s and medi-clinic’s have been rated one of the top 10 skin care clinics in America and has set a new standard for professional personal care at it best.  This truly is a trend to watch as both Cosmetology and Dermatology join hands in the study of beauty and American Beauty Culture.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bye Bye Blond, Hello Red

Redheads throughout history have often been portrayed as fiery and seductive; from Queen Elizabeth I to Cleopatra (who some argue was a redhead). Sexy red hair is something Hollywood has loved from its early days. Think of Clara Bow the redheaded “It Girl”, Lucille Ball and Maureen O’Hara with their playful confident personalities and Rita Hayworth’s bombshell sexuality and you've got it. Today dazzling redheads like Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman continue to light up the silver screen with their ravishing red hair. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of some actress such as Scarlett Johansson, and Blake Lively or brunet Rihanna switching to a ginger tinge.

For years the hair fashion industry has been obsessed with blonds. Make no mistake, blond hair isn't going out of style any time soon but red hair has been a blazing hot trend in hair color in recent years. The color makes a bold statement and offers the opportunity for redefining a hair style and what better way then as a redhead. The punchy hue is as much of an attention grabber as any bold fashion accessory and one can hardly blend in the crowd when sporting it. 


Red hair comes in many shades. For those that would like to become a redhead adding copper, strawberry, apricot and auburn highlights or lowlights with a foil weaving technique can achieve a natural or dramatic look. This dimensional effect is eye-catching and far from ordinary for those who like creative look. Because there are dozens of ravishing red hues it can be difficult to know which shade is right for you. To determine what shade would suit you best and which to avoid a visit with a professional hair colorist is well worth the time and expense. Before you make an appointment clip a few pictures from magazines with colors you’re interested in trying and show them to the colorist….a picture is worth a thousand words!


A redhead isn't just a hair color it's an attitude. If it were a formula I’d mix two parts red hair, one part personality, plus two parts sexual confidence. It’s said that Blonds have more fun, but Redheads are never forgotten. Bette Midler (singer-actress) may have said it best, "Gentlemen may prefer blonds, but it takes a he-man to handle a redhead."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MakeOver Magic / Nick Arrojo

Makeover magician, celebrity stylist, multi-award-winning pioneer of modern hairdressing and self claimed “world's best razor-cutter” is also the author of the Great Hair Beauty Book. Imported from Manchester England and Sassoon trained, Nick Arrojo is known worldwide for his ability to give women hairstyles that bring out their individual beauty.

Not so long ago millions of What Not to Wear viewers would tune in to see him transform women’s outdated styles or unflattering hair styles into fresh contemporary looks.  Most importantly Nick helped women realize their hair’s true beauty potential. In doing so he not only changes their hair styles but also changes the way they feel about themselves.

His beauty book, Great Hair was written with the general public in mind, but makes an interesting read for the professional hairdresser as well.


Great Hair reveals his styling secrets giving the reader a complete education about hair including: Identifying your hair type and how that impacts the cut, color and style. Understanding hair products, styling tools and how to use them to style your hair. How to choose the right hair color that enhances the style and dispels the myths and outdated ideas about hair. His six step guide to finding a hairdresser and how to talk about your hair and what to expect from a salon visit I found very interesting.


Chapter Three, “The Ultimate Hairstyling Guide” features dozens of before and after makeover's with examples of how a beautiful face-framing shape can enhance your unique facial features. Nick points out that to make your hair easy to style everyday it must be cut and shaped preferably with a RAZOR and match the hair’s natural texture and characteristic (straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin) for a hairstyle that works with not against itself. Knowing and using the strengths of your hair type allows you to have a modern, sexy, youthful and healthy no-fuss hair style everyday or dress it up for special occasions with ease. And best of all, no more spending cash trying the latest trendy hairdo’s that your natural hair can’t handle.


The Great Hair Book is all about getting to know your own unique hair type and the important role it plays in finding the right hairstyle which I totally agree. It was refreshing to finally hear a hairstylist talk about styling hair from a purely natural point of view point. His web site (www.nickarrojo.com) features a creative ONLINE Magazine filled with fashion images and worth taking a closer look.

Despite his checker board beauty show and television show schedule, you can still see the maestro himself at his New York studio. A makeover appointment on the selected days starts at $500. The Great Hair beauty book is available at