Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Louis Lacayo International Shears


Louis Lacayo is a world class Southern California hairdresser, plat form artist, educator, inspirational speaker, CEO Lacayo Shears International and beauty professional super star.
Louis was among a small group of creative hair stylists that pioneered the Southern California Asymmetric hair cutting method in the 70’s. As a result of his unique creative cutting and styling techniques Louis became a much sort after Plat Form Artist representing many leading professional companies across America. 

Over his creative 30 year career Louis Lacayo has inspired and mentored hairdressers both new to the trade and those with years of experience with an emphasize on the proper use of styling shears. However he was seriously disappointed in the existing cutting implements and set out to design the world most advanced precision-hair cutting shears called (LACAYO SHEARS International).

All Lacayo shears are made by Japanese engineers to his design speciation's. Louis believes you need several types of shears with the right type of handles and blades to create a variety of hair styles and styling effects. One of my favorites is the COCO shear available in both 4-1/2 to 6 inch lengths for both wet and finished shaping listed at $299 .. a small price to pay for a precision tool that will last a life time. His best selling specialty shear is known world wide as the “Predator” texturizer designed with 14 teeth each with three serrations made of cobalt steel and ball bearing pivot and listed at $375. This bad boy does it all.
What really impressed me about the Locaya Shears is that Louis will not sell any of his custom specialty tools without training. He believes that the tools are only as good as your understanding of how to use them correctly. His classes start with the proper way to hold your tool, standing position as well as hand, arm and body positions based on each persons unique body size and dexterity. 


Despite his notoriety among professionals Louis takes time to help both new comers and season professional when ever possible. His ability to speak fluent Spanish has allowed him to donate his time and talent to hard working artists in Latino Salons. We all stand on one another’s shoulders that's how our Nobel profession evolves… and Louis Lacayo has broad shoulders making him a beauty industry Super Star. To learn more about the Lacayo Shears and how to arrange for a private in salon class see http://lacayoshearsint.com/1401.html