Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beauty Profession / Career Choice

If you’re considering becoming a hair stylist you could not have chosen a more rewarding career. Here’s what you’ll experience during the course of your beauty school education; Excitement, Confidence, Pride, Crisis and Opportunity.

It’s always exciting to start a new career and with the good fortune to have enrolled in a Paul Mitchell Beauty School the excitement is amplified. The beauty profession is not a piece of cake or something to be taken lightly for there's much more to beauty school then a "hair-do". You'll take written tests, lots of them and get hands on training form highly skilled instructors. As you become familiar with the tools and procedures your confidence will grow and over time begin to feel comfortable helping people look there best. You'll experience a sense of pride knowing you finished something you started and have leaned what it takes to be a practicing professional hair stylist only a short time ago.


Now that you have your diploma and state cosmetology license to boot finding a salon to practice in for some can seem over whelming. Especially when starting a career at a time in which some are calling the GREAT RECESSION. But a quick look back in time and you'll see that the beauty industry (salons & cosmetics) got its start in the early part of the 20th century during what was called the GREAT DEPRESSION. It was one of the few industries that weathered the economic storm and actually grew into what is today a multi-billion dollar business. The reason is simple; when times get tough people visit a salon for it offers an “personal uplifting” experience. The old saying is so true; when you look good you also feel good about yourself.  

In times of economic crisis people need more then ever what beauty professionals offer; personal enhancement, the look good, feel-good experience. Great blessing lie head for the one who knows the secret of finding the "opportunity" within each crisis. You could not have entered the beauty profession at a better time. With thousands of salon across the country the opportunities for placement are many for future professionals with a Paul Mitchell diploma and a passion for all things "beauty".

I personally recommend the Paul Mitchell Beauty Schools because I know first hand what they have to offer future professional hair stylist's. However, when considering a career in Cosmetology  there are many outstanding beauty school's throughout America to chose from.