Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heat Energized Beauty Treatments

New Heat Energized
Shampoo Conditioning Treatment

Self Heating...Works In Seconds

Self-heating technology has been showing up in many of our everyday beauty products turning them into “spa-like-treatments”. What sorts of magic ingredients go into self-heating beauty products?

The “secret” self-heating ingredient is zeolite, a micro-mineral that gives off heat when applied to “wet hair”. For hair treatments the heat is minimized to raise the temperature only by about 3 degrees for shampoo and slightly higher for conditioning treatments, certainly not hot enough to produce a burn. But the heat is definitely apparent to users. While most people enjoy the heating sensation, some may be sensitive to the heat.

The addition of heat “active by water” has been shown to improve the cleansing process and make active conditioning ingredients more effective. Heat also stimulates circulation to relax tense nerve ending and sooth to the scalp. 

Feel the Warmth … See the Shine

The Heat Energized Shampoo and Conditioning treatment by Studio Style is an example of this new technology at its best. Self-heating and infused with micro-poly-silicone to cleanse, seal and repair surface damage giving all hair a soft silky feel, brilliant color, luster and manageability in seconds. Hair stays cleaner and styles last longer with this all new heat energized "hair spa treatment". Ideal for today’s fast paced healthy life styles. 

Self-heating technology in beauty products is still relatively new technology. It is interesting how basic chemistry can be used to create an “all-in-one” spa-like treatment. Self-heating hair and skin care treatments not only improve the effectiveness of active ingredients but are also therapeutic. This technology will be further explored and developed by cosmetics companies in the coming years..