Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be Nice Or Else!

Be Nice Or Else and what’s in it for you by Winn Claybaugh brought a smile to my face and has made everyday a delight in both my personal and professional life.  His insightful book is interspersed with humor, sage advice, interactive exercises and plenty of wisdom. Winn has created a genuinely practical guide and is an absolute must for anyone who wants to succeed in business and life.

Being Nice does not mean you’re weak or a pushover; on the contrary, Being Nice is Being Strong. When you add being nice to what you're good at, your relationships will flourish and your career will skyrocket. Winn shows you how to start being nice to yourself and how to implement a BE NICE culture at home and at work. You'll learn what to do when you blow it (and you will) and how to handle mean and toxic people. 

Best of all how good it feels to spread your niceness to everyone you meet. Winn is always looking for people to join his cause of being nice, so please be passionate and join one of the nicest people in the beauty industry.

Winn's brilliant approach to this topic is priceless...and should be a must read for all hairdressers...available through Amazon