Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cosmetic Innovations / Nano Technology

Cosmetic Innovation was all the rage in the 20th century and continue's to be a driving force in the 21st. Today's technology is turning beauty salons into spa's and our everyday salon products (shampoo's, conditioners, styling aids) into "Spa-Like-Treatments " and Nano-Technology is leading the way.

In Principle Nano-technology Can:
  • Maximize color retention 
  • Dramatically improves hair condition
  • Provides thermal and color protection
  • Dramatically rebuilds and repairs damaged hair
  • Repair, restore moisturize and strengthen
  • Speeds up drying time up to 75% faster
 Watch for ..."Nano On The Label".
Nanotechnology - Nanotechnology has been used in cosmetics since the early 1990s but it was only during the last decade that marketers caught on and started using it to improve personal care products. The technology is promising but questions about safety have led to a backlash that could short circuit widespread use.

Today Nanotechnology is currently used mostly in sunscreen however I think shampoo, hair color and conditioning treatments will all benefit from this budding technology in the near future.Nano Beauty a trend to watch