Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hair Myths

For years all sorts of hair myths have been making their away around the world's households. There are as many myths about hair as there are hair styles. Here are the scientific FACTS about the top 10 hair myths: 

1.      Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.
The hairs growth rate will very for each individual, growing from a half to one inch per month. Cutting your hair will only make it shorter but it will keep it healthy looking. However the hair's grow rate often slows with age, mostly through the crown.
2.     Split Ends can be totally repaired to look like it never happened.
Damaged hair cannot be totally repaired to look like new, (only temporarily patched up) and should be cut off or it will continue to fray. Having your hair cut, shaped or trimmed on a regular bases (4-8 weeks) is the best damaged hair conditioning treatment and the secret to healthy looking well groomed hair.

3.      Brushing your hair is bad for it.
Brushing hair incorrectly can damage the hair. However, brushing the hair daily with a simulated or natural boar bristle brush keeps it healthy and well groomed. Brushing your hair helps regulate its natural shedding process, stimulates oil and blood circulation, remove’s tangles, cleans the scalp and polishes the hair. It’s best to brush the hair from the scalp to ends every morning, evening and always before shampooing it.

4.      Wearing tight hats cause baldness.
This one probably started in the military where young men entering the service were required to wear hats and soon showed signs of going bald, or at least hair thinning. This is due to coincidental timing as young men enter the military at the age that male pattern hair loss begins for many.  Ventilated caps are best as the scalp needs oxygen for growth.

5.      All your hair can turn gray or white over night.
This was born in dime store novels. Hair receives its color genetically and can only turn gray or white over time. Actually the hair doesn't turn white in as much as the hair follicle stops producing it natural pigment (color). However, extreme illness or sudden shock can cause the hair to begin to grow in white "but not" over night, or even a wild weekend.
6.      Pluck one gray hair and two grow back.
If this were true I would be pulling my hair out by the fist full. However plucking hair incorrectly can damage the follicle and cause it to grow out in an odd shape or direction. 

7.      Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family.
This is more Hair Voodoo. Male and female pattern hair loss can be inherited from either side of the family and may or may not skip many generations. Male pattern hair loss usually begins at age 17 to 20 and female patter hair loss between ages 45 and 55.
8.      Dandruff is caused by dry scalp.
Dandruff and dry scalp are two entirely different things. A good shampoo and conditioner will take care of the dry scalp, which is 'flaking'. Dandruff shampoos are entirely unnecessary and inadvisable for dry scalp. Dandruff is a health issue and requires medical attention and prescribed medicated treatments. The 'flakes' are actually oily, not dry and scalps can me itchy. Very few people have actual dandruff and you would know it if you did. And Dandruff is not contagious. On the other hand, there are plenty of nasty things you can get from using someones comb or brush, so be careful. Keeping your personal grooming tools clean is a must.

9.  Cutting your hair during a full moon makes it grow faster.
OK I know the moon regulates the oceans tides and many people think it effects the growth of their hair. I am not even going to dignify this one with an explanation. But if you buy into this type of earth muffin drivel, by all means, book a standing appointment on your hairdresser's full moon calendar.

10.       Washing hair everyday is damaging.
At one time not so long ago this was true. However with recent advancements in cosmetic chemistry it’s not only safe to cleanse the hair, scalp and body frequently (even daily) but is also considered hygienically healthy. Shampooing frequently not only improves the hair’s appearance but also removes waxy (sebum) and sweat form the scalp, along with hair mites and styling aids that cause pore blockage and unwanted odor. Thereby allowing the scalp to breathe and promote normal healthy hair growth.


  1. Recently my doctor busted the hair removal myth.
    I always thought laser hair removal is the only treatment that will permanently remove unwanted hair.

    This was the main reason why I went for laser hair removal in Toronto but surprise: the doctor explained me that laser hair removal provides "only" long lasting results but not permanent...
    I was like WHATTT? Everyone says this is permanent, and you the doctor say it isn't?:O

    After he explained me that he is always honest with his patients, and explained me how the treatment works, I knew that this is the right solution for me and that I should appreciate his honesty.