Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flexie Styling Brush


Through decades of working with the motion picture studio’s and in my salon, I realized the need for a versatile styling tool that could accomplish a verity of hair styles and styling effects for home care and styling. Out of that interest, I designed the Flexie Styling Brush "World's Most Versatile Hair Brush". The adjustable three-in-one Flexie Brush is made for all hair types and length.  And when used with a hair dryer the Flexie Brush makes Blow-Dry styling quick and easy.


The Flexie Styling Brush is made of a unique durable heat resistant flexible rubber-like composite that is easy on the hair and scalp. The secret lies in its flexible living hinge which allows it to bend in both directions (open and closed) and spring back to it original flat Paddle Brush shape. It has a built-in styling comb, soft flexible teeth and air flow net that acts as a diffuser to hold and dry hair in place.  The Flexie Brush also comes with a unique retainer clip that slides on the end of the brush to hold it open for use as a Round Brush or closed to keep it clean when not in use.


One Hair Brush Does It All
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