Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brave New World of Hair Color

Hair Coloring has evolved into a Living Art Form. Creative hair colorist’s are now using splashes of colour for two tone effects and a full palette of up to six contrasting shades for both dramatic and suttle effects. Thanks to new dye technology and coloring tools like the Geo Palette hair color system and Foil Weaving techniques hair color artists are now only limited by their imagination and just how daring their clients are. It’s a brave exciting new world of color and the sky’s the limit; here are a few examples of creative hair color and styling effects showing up around the globe.


It looks like the body is turning into a "Living Canvas". Tattoo's are showing up every where so its not a surprise to see colorful hair styles along side Tattoo's. What started as way of covering the signs of aging (gray hair) has turned into a "colorful living art form". It's a Brave New Colorful World.

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