Saturday, July 20, 2013

George Mennella / Geo Palette Color & Design System


George Mennella is a master stylist / colorist / New York salon owner and the inventor of the revolutionary "Geo Palette Color & Design System" and a beauty industry super star.

George Mennella’s passion for the beauty industry, one of many, has led him to develop A totally new creative color and design system called the Geo Palette. The Geo Palette is the culmination of his creative drive and integrity developed over the past twenty five years. George says hair color in recent years has emerged as the new frontier and with the Geo Palette it has evolved into a “living art form”.

The nineteen eighties was a time when multi-coloration and tonality with foil coloring techniques had begun to change the look of hair color effects. According to George the conventional aluminum foil wrapped coloring method still used today has not changed over these many years. Because the color is hidden inside the foil the colorist must “track” and remember the color placement. 
With the Geo Palette hair color is placed on thin clear flexible plastic sheets as well as on the brim of a clear plastic circular Geo Palette, which looks like a wide brimmed hat. Color is applied to the Geo Palette surface and clear plastic sheets using an “artist brush” with as many as four or six colors to create multi colored 3-dementional effects. Everything in the color system is reusable and eco-friendly and the colorist can easily track and see the color placement, as the hair colorants are always visible on the Palette. The results are amazing with shimmering color that far surpasses the conventional two tonal foil weaving method currently in use.

The Geo Palette eliminates all the boundaries of conventional hair color design making even the most intricate patterns of multi-dimensional hair color designs easier to achieve, more time friendly, and creative. The subtle variation of color, shading, and intensity is absolutely stunning and beautiful. And the visual impact while using the Geo Palette excites and piques everyone’s interest.

As a salon owner, stylist / colorist we're always looking for new ways to create stunning color effects, grow our income and strengthen the bottom line. The Geo Palette color and design system is the vehicle that brings a new technology and technique to existing traditions. With the Geo Palette both natural and dramatic runway looks can easily be achieved by a “Palette Artist” as demonstrated here in the Geo Palette Color and Design System Video. .

With so much creativity it should not come as a surprise that the Nassau Museum of Art in New York has recently recognized George Mennella’s Geo Palette Color and Design System as a “Living Art Form”. You might say George is the Picasso of the beauty industry.

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