Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hydrogen Powered Hair Products

Hydrogen Powered Hair Products
There are many elements that make up 21st century hair care products and “hydrogen balanced formula's' play a major role. The term "pH" originates from the French term 'pouvoir hydrogen' (Hydrogen Power) and has since been expressed as "parts of hydrogen". The symbol “pH” refers to the amount of hydrogen found in a substance (like water, shampoo's conditioner, styling aids, relaxers and hair color ) .

To understand the role Hydrogen plays lets take a closer look at the atomic structure of our hair. Our hair is made of: Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulfur.  The most activeare the hydrogen bonds that  account for some of the overall strength of the hair. It also gives our hair its elastic feature and the ability to stretch and go back to its normal shape. Hydrogen bonds are extremely weak and can be temporarily changed by exposure to heat or water and moisture in the air. When heat is applied to the hair, the hydrogen bonds react to the heat and the hair takes on the shape of the heat appliance. When you wet the hair and roll it around a curler and dry it under a dryer your hair will from and take shape of the curlers.
It’s this amazing  feature that makes healthy looking hair and today's hair  styling, straightening and coloring possible. .You’ll get more miles out of your style with “hydrogen powered” hair care products. To order Hydrogen Powered hair care products visit



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