Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wigs / Instant Hair Styles

Throughout history wigs have played a significant role in fashion. Depending on the era, wigs frequently were worn to demonstrate wealth or were associated with particular professions. Early Egyptian wigs were made with plant fibers, animal hair, or human hair cut from the heads of slaves. The Greeks and Romans also wore wigs for religious purposes, to show nobility and theatrical work. 

Today wigs are one of Hollywood's must have beauty accessories. Many actresses and celebrities have a wide range of custom shaped and styled wigs as part of their wardrobe; just look at Cher, Dolly Parton, Beyonce’, Lady Gaga and most notably Raquel Welch, the actress best known for her line of trendy high fashion wigs.


Unparalleled in comfort and natural appearance, the new Revlon Wig Collection provides a wide selection of styles while maintaining high quality standards. And Revlon's collection of wigs and hairpieces is now better than ever! They’ve improved on and renamed the most popular styles you know and love, plus added new trendy styles in both human and synthetic to round out the line. When considering purchasing a wig for the first time there are four things to consider: Style, Cap Size, Composition and Color. To narrow your search start with the length, texture and hairstyle. You may want to stick with a color or style you're familiar with or try a totally new color and style and have a hair stylist cut and shape it to fit your face shape and features.

As a Hollywood hair stylist I've always recommended having a custom shaped and styled wig as part of your wardrobe.  It's the best way to instantly change your hair style or hair color for any occasion. If you've always wanted to wear a short trendy hair style but were reluctant to cut your long hair, buying a short style is the perfect option. For others dealing with hair loss due to medical conditions wearing a wig can be a very emotional decision. Regardless of your reasons for investing in a wig making sure you’re wearing it properly can make all the difference. A visit to your hair stylist for a custom shaping and tips for care are well worth the time and investment.
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