Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Magic Flex Hair Styling Brush

As long as people have had hair they've needed away to tame tangles and help arrange and style it. For this reason hair brushes have been around for thousands of years, but changed dramatically in the mid 20th century with the introduction of space age plastic, flexible rubber, synthetic fibers and ionic ceramic composites. What started out as a very basic grooming implement, the hair brush has morphed into a highly specialized grooming and styling tool to complement the use of hand held blow dryers.

An example of the new styling brush technology at its best is the Magic Flex Styling Brush.  This high-tech styling wonder combines three of the most popular hair styling brushes in one: Paddle brush, Round Brush and Shaping Brush. Making it the world's most
Versatile Hair Styling Brush".

The Magic Flex three-in-one Styling Brush is make of a durable heat resistant soft flexible composite that's easy on the hair and scalp ideal for today's blow dry hair styling. Its adjustable flexible handle allows it to fold "open and closed" and spring back to its original flat Paddle Brush shape like magic. 
The air flow net protects hair from heat and helps dry hair in place. What's more, Magic Flex is the only hair brush that includes a built-in-styling comb and includes a unique "retainer clip" designed to hold it "open" for use as a Round Brush and "closed" when not in use, making it ideal for travel.

One styling brush does it all !

Magic Flex is designed for all hair types and lengths. Just look at all you can do: helps hold and dry hair in place, lift and shape for volume, remove tangles from wet and dry hair, roll hair over or under straighten unruly waves, scrunch  to encourage curl,  crimp and wave, use its built-in-styling comb and make blow dry styling safe, quick and easy. 
This is why the Magic Flex Styling Brush is called the world's most versatile hair brush and one of Hollywood's best kept styling secrets.

Magic Flex Styling Brush, available on my web site at www.georgecaroll.com


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