Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The World's Most Versatile Hair Brush

As long as people have had hair, they have needed some way to tame tangles and most importantly, show off their personal style. Hair brushes have been around for thousands of years, but changed dramatically in the mid 20th century with the introduction of space age plastic, synthetic fibers and blow dry styling. What started out as a very basic implement, the hair brush has morphed into a highly specialized styling tool. One example of its evolution is the three-in-one  Studio Styling Brush and comes with all the "bells and whistles" you'd expect in the 21st century

While working at my hair styling studio and motion picture sets I found the need to use several types of styling brushes to create a finished hair style. I thought why not design one hair styling brush that could do all most everything. If necessity is the mother of invention then imagination is its father. So I set out to design a "adjustable styling brush" that combined “three basic hair brushes with a built-in comb” and functioned like our hands and fingers. With technology being what it is today, I discovered a unique heat resistant flexible “rubber-like material" used in the aerospace industry that could make the design and functions required possible.

The Studio Styling Brush adjustable design combines a “paddle brush, shaping brush, straightening and volumizing brush” with a "built-in comb" for teasing and "air flow net"  to make blow-dry styling safe, quick and easy. And if styling time is money, then this bad boy says….ca ching!

As you can image it’s my favorite styling brush and comes with all the “bell’s and whistles” you’d expect of a hair styling brush in the 21st century. The ultra light slim, pro-style handle is ergonomically designed to "reduce wrist strain". Simply squeeze the adjustable handle open or closed to “lift hair for volume, pull to straighten, crimp and wave, scrunch, spike or turn hair under and over.

Its the perfect brush for blow dry styling and offers unlimited hair styling effects for both professional and home use making the Studio Styling Brush... the world’s most versatile hair brush.  To see a demonstration visit