Monday, October 26, 2009

The Amazing Magic Hair Styling Wands

As long as people have had hair, they have needed some way to tame tangles and most importantly, show off their personal style. Curling and straightening irons have been around for thousands of years but changed dramatically in the mid 20th century with the introduction of electricity, space age plastic and ceramic material. What started out as a very basic implement, the styling iron has morphed into a highly specialized styling tool. One example is the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic “curling and straightening” hair styling iron.

The early hair styling iron used to curl or straight hair was somewhat dangerous with fluctuating temperatures that made it difficult to manipulate hair without burning it. We have moved on from the metal rods heated by hot coals or heating on gas stoves. The mid 20th century electric curling iron brought ease and convenience to hair curling and shortened the styling time dramatically.

Today’s heat styling wands are equipped with easy-glide ceramic barrels and a verity of shapes and sizes making it possible to create loose tumbling waves, tousled curls or smooth straight styles with added bounce and volume. Leading the way is the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic all-in-one “curling and straightening” styling iron. Now with one styling tool you can straighten, curl, flip, and bend the hair to create a multitude of styles and styling effects with ease. You might say it’s the world’s most versatile styling iron and it’s made in America with space age technology.

This streamlined beauty comes with all the “bell’s and whistles” you’d expect in the 21st century. The ultra light slim, pro-style handle is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain. Tourmaline crystals inside the iron barrel send out negative ions (good stuff) to seal the hairs surface layer and control frizz. Its auto digital thermal control micro chip technology lets you control the heat to safely create unlimited styling effects with ease. Simultaneously, the easy-glide ceramic surface and far-infrared heat preserves moisture inside the hair shaft for a super shine and further speed styling time. And if time is money, then this bad boy says….ca ching!

If you’re shopping around for a new styling iron or thinking about to trade in your old fashion iron you’ll no doubt be confronted with a wide range of choices and prices. From inexpensive drug store brands made in China that cost ($25-$50) to the top of the line professional brands ($75 - $200+). While these are geared toward repeated use by professionals, they can be beneficial for personal use as they will no doubt last longer and give you professional results. If you are willing to pay the price the all-in-one CHI Auto Digital Ceramic hairstyling iron made in the USA is well worth the investment.


  1. I personally bought a pair of GHD hair straighteners online and I have been very pleased with them. A friend of mine own a CHI hair iron and shes loves it and I have suggested that we try each other's stylers to see which we both think is the best.

  2. I think the most harmless hair straighteners must be the GHDs, simple usage, different effection1