Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tabatha Coffey / Beauty Book Review

Star of hit Bravo show, “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” Tabatha Coffey has written a new beauty book titled: It’s Not Really About the Hair:  The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty. 

Tabatha’s journey growing up in a dysfunctional family from the back waters of Australia to international renowned platform artist and television star reads like a dime store novel.  

It’s the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. Tabatha writes openly about her own transformation which will surprise, amuse and inspire you to be your very best and reach for the stars. It is not unlike any artist's frustration of having a dream of one day doing what you really were created to do, to be born with a talent and drive knowing there was something she was meant to do. Tabatha Coffey was just going to do it no matter what was in the way. 

Part memoir, part business manual, and part coaching guide, readers will get in touch with their own inner and outer beauty, and understand the importance of embracing their individuality. Coffey also gives a behind-the-scenes look into the process of starting her own business and opening her own salon - sharing tips with readers such as the right way to fire someone, the five things to ask yourself before opening a business, and how to rely on yourself in any situation.

Tabatha was first introduced to America as a contestant on the Bravo reality show Shear Genius, where she quickly earned a reputation as the beauty bitch for her outspokenness. Voted the show’s Fan Favorite despite being ousted in the sixth episode, she was asked by Bravo in 2008 to star in her own reality series, Tabatha’s “Salon Takeover”, combines Coffey’s hairdressing and business expertise with her edgy style as she saves salons, in danger of closing.

Tabatha lifts the curtain and exposes the "ass end of the salon business" which has embraced some in the industry and welcomed by those professionals that play by the rules.

If you are a star struck fan of the Bravo show Tabatha's Salon Takeover, a fan of the bitch from Shear Genius, or just a hairdresser with dreams - pick up the book, and learn how to attain the success you desire... You must have a some talent, work hard for many-many years paying your dues, and then you will become an over-night success, just like Tabatha !      

When I started reading Tabatha’s book I was taken aback by her use of so many four letter words, and I don’t mean HAIR. But half way through the book I was delighted to find some real gems - perils of wisdom. For example, her advice on how to fire someone, how to dream big and using the “three-second rule” before losing your cool are well worth the 20 dollar price tag. 

It’s a must read for every salon owner, and all hair stylist’s that dream of one day owning their own salon and becoming the next rock star hairdresser.