Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SHORTCUTS / Beauty Book Review

At first glance the name (SHORTCUTS) might be miss-leading, this is not a “HOW-TO” short hair styling book.

If you’ve dreamed of working in the “fashion or entertainment industry” Diana Schmidtke’s book SHORTCUTS takes you step by step through the process to one of the most exciting careers in the world of beauty. As a freelance hair or makeup artist you have the opportunity to work on fashion runway shows, commercials, music videos, advertising campaigns, movie press tours, concert tours, television shows, fashion magazines cover shoots and motion picture films and travel the world.

Diana shares the industry secrets that have helped made her one of the busiest hair & makeup artist in the entertainment industry. Her biography reads like a fairy tale and a dream come true.  How a young hairdresser from the suburbs of Chicago moved to Hollywood and became one of the leading entertainment industry’s freelance hair & makeup artists. Her big break through came when she was hired as an assistant to leading motion picture hair stylist.

Diana Schmibtke explains how to connect with both fashion and entertainment industries and the importance of being in the right cities. For example to work in the motion picture industry you must live in Los Angele's. And for high fashion magazine work a move to New York is a must.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a big time fashion or motion picture makeup / hair stylist or both you’ll learn what it takes to get started and succeed in these exciting beauty fields. It takes a lot of persistence and patience to succeed and the competition is fierce.  These two industries are all about connections and SHORTCUTS includes a national directory for hair and makeup agency, agents, magazines editors, television, special effects makeup schools and motion pictures union contacts making Shortcuts well worth the $45 price tag. 

Buying Shortcuts is the first step to a new amazing career in the fashion and entertainment industry....available on

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