Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 International Salon and Spa Expo

The 2014 International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach Show is the West Coast's largest professional beauty event organized by PBA the Professional Beauty Association to advance the beauty industry by providing its members with education, charitable outreach, government advocacy, events and more. PBA is the largest organization of salon professionals with members representing salons and spas, distributors, manufactures and beauty professionals/NCA.

This years Convention featured some the hottest new products, services and beauty style trends destined to leave their mark on the beauty industry in the coming year. With a estimated 40,000 attendees and a sold out expo floor of over 350 exhibitor's it can often be hard to find the really new exciting  product innovations. I spent the day walking the show room floor.

The convention was awash with special money saving offers and the hair styling demonstrations were interesting however not much has changed in the way of hair styles from last year. My feet were about to give in when I discover the shows newest beauty innovation at the far outer edge of the expo in the Chris Jacob exhibitor booth.  I came to find out that Chris Jacob has been one of the leading experts in hair product innovations and distribution, having introduced hair extension systems to the beauty industry.

Their latest innovation is what I consider to be (21st century beauty technology) at its best. Its a Eco-Friendly water saving Shower Head Nozzle with a built-in Ceramic Bead Filter that removes chlorine and dispenses a Collagen Protein infused micro-mist that "strengthens" the hair cuticle and "protect" hair color while "moisturizing" the entire body, hair, scalp and skin.

Chris personally explained how it works......... Water passes through the Ceramic Micro-Pore Pallets in the handle and breaks down the water molecules to creating negative ions much like a "waterfall" does.  Next the purified negative ion water passes through a replaceable Collagen Protein Filter creating a conditioning protein micro mist that helps (reduce tangles, repair surface damage, seal in hair color) and maintains smooth healthy hair and skin.  Like Negative ions, Collagen protein is essential to the health of hair, scalp and body. In addition a Fabric Filter removes dirt and floating matter from the main water sores.

Although the Chris Jacob "Collagen Shower Nozzles" at this time has been designed for home care a professional salon spa Shampoo Bowl Nozzle is in the works and will be available in the near future. To order the Collagen Shower Nozzle visit


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